The Most Important Survival Tips You Need to Have

Even in an era where the development of technology enables us to make all aspects of our lives easier, an outdoor adventure can still go wrong.

GPS, online adventure videos, digital compasses, and your high-tech adventure gear will definitely help you out there, but when you’re lost and separated from your group then your phone is dead, you will need more than that.

The worst part is: such situation is not an improbable scenario. There are a lot of tourists and mountaineers who believe that all is well and their trips will never go wrong until they find out they’re in the wrong situations.

Survival Tips You Need to Have

The truth is anything can happen out there, far from the comfort of our homes and the cities where everything can be obtained with a short walk and a credit card.

Civilization has shaped us into a dependent human being who will find a lot of difficulties when we are stripped off from all our gadgets and belongings.

Unlike our resilient ancestors, we are never really subjected to an emergency and harsh situation which requires us to completely rely on ourselves and the natural world.

Yet, we never know what will happen to us out there.

Therefore, it is very important to learn some basic survival skills so we know how to protect ourselves.

If you are into mountaineering, trekking, camping, and other outdoor activities, you should definitely know these by heart.


To increase the chance of survival, you need to keep yourself dry.

Therefore, it is important to prepare for an emergency shelter that will protect you from the rain, heat, winds, and cold.

In the wilderness and open air, the temperature can be the greatest enemy.

Most people who don’t survive in the mountains die of hypothermia because they fail to stay warm.


Here are some tips to create an emergency shelter:

It is important to have at least a poncho raincoat and a rope with you so you can make an emergency bivouac easily.

These things will easily fit in your backpack and are useful in many situations apart from raincoat building.

You will need to find two trees to put your rope and poncho raincoat across. Use rocks or woods to make your bivouac stronger.

If you have a mattress with you, it will be very useful to help you stay warm at night.

However, since carrying mattress is not very practical for casual outdoor activities, you can use a space blanket instead.

If neither is practical to you, you can always use dry leaves as your mattress in an emergency situation, although it doesn’t provide the same heat-reflecting effect.

It is important to choose a dry place. Make sure that the trees you use as shelter aren’t about to collapse.

Don’t make any shelter at the edge of a cliff or anywhere with a landslide potential.

Check for the possibilities of animals around the spot.

Avoid the area which is too close to a stream or animal paths.

Check for the winds and protect yourself from them. Winds can make your temperature drops really fast.


Fire Survival SkillsBesides shelter, fire is also essential to keep your body warm, your mind clear, and the animals away. It can also send signs to the rescue team so they will easily find you.

Survival knives and matches are very important to bring anytime you have an outdoor wandering.

You can also learn various alternatives to make fire, such as using batteries, lens or glasses, and sunlight, or flintstones.


Water in Suvival TipsWithout sufficient foods, you can stay alive for at least days, probably even weeks.

Without water, however, human will not survive long.

That means, it should be your top priority to find water.

There are two kinds of water you might encounter: water you can drink easily and the one that you need to cook first before drinking. Observe the color, the smell, and the taste of the water to know if it’s drinkable or not.

An area with a high precipitation rate provides you a lot of water to drink. You can directly collect the water from the falling rain and boil it or drink it right away.

Don’t forget to fill your bottles to store some water.

You can also collect the water vapor from the ground with a slightly more complicated technique.

First, you will need to dig a rather deep hole. Put some leaves and a basin to collect the water at the bottom of the whole.

Close the hole with a plastic sheet and the vapor will be trapped and fall to your basin.

This will take a long time but is certainly a useful skill.

Plants can give you water, both from the leaves and the roots. Some roots will generously spill drops of water when you cut it.

If your tracking skill is good, you can try to find sources of ground water such as river or spring.

Observe the animals around you; their behavior will give you clues.


Food in Survival TipsFind sources of food as soon as it is possible.

You will need the energy to keep your body temperature normal and to think clearly and move around.

Some mushrooms are edible and good alternatives for food.

However, you have to be careful.

Avoid mushrooms with striking colors. It is better to start looking up characters and pictures of edible mushrooms now.

Berries can also be found in many forests.

Since this is a more familiar food, you will be able to identify edible berries more easily.

It’s always useful to carry small high-energy foods in your backpack, just in case you will need to stay longer out there.

It is very important to stay calm and alive in a death-or-alive situation.

When you lose your focus, you already lose half the battle.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for any situations so that you can stay collected and rational.

You can prepare yourself by reading a very good survival guide book The Lost Ways by Claude Davis. Are you curious about how did our ancestors survive before the world becomes this easy?

The Lost Ways Survival Book

Claude Davis unearths the buried and forgotten secrets about how humans used to have survival skills to withstand disasters, famines, droughts, wars, and other hardships the earth had tested them against.

The skills taught in the book will be absolutely useful not just when you’re lost in the woods, but also when the current civilization and system can no longer support us.

Survival Tips

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