How to Build a Shelter – The Ultimate Guide

This guide will teach you how to build a shelter, step-by-step.

Shelters are very useful in any kinds of situation. A shelter isn’t limited to the places we use as a protection during the war, shelter could be something you made to protect you from the weather, such as tents, camping system, etc.

Building an outdoor shelter would require you a vast knowledge of materials, environment, and survival skills.

Being in a shelter means that you are no longer in your comfort zone, where anything you want could be obtained in nearby convenience stores.

You have to make sure that the shelter you built will be safe from weather and nocturnal animals. Before you try to build one, you should know first the steps how to make a shelter properly.

When you are trying to build a shelter, the first thing you should consider the most is the location.

This is the main point that will decide the survivability of your shelter.

How to Build a Shelter

Locations like hillsides, dead trees and floodplains should be avoided at all costs. These places could endanger our life even more and anybody staying with you, too.

You should set up your shelter on a place where you can easily gain materials in case something is happened and you need to repair or even rebuild your shelter.

Being near the source of materials would be a huge advantage since you would be able to gather up the materials needed as soon as possible.

The second thing you have to consider is the size of the shelter.

Since a shelter is made for your protection, it shouldn’t be built too large since it will need more resources like materials, time and energy to make.

How many people will stay at your shelter plays the part on deciding the size.

The other thing you should know is whether smaller shelter tends to keep heat better than the bigger ones. This is very important knowledge to have when you are in an area with considerably low temperature.

Besides, the larger the shelter size, it will cover more area which would be difficult in areas like forest and stony ground. Because of these factors, it is always easier and smarter move to build a smaller shelter which just fist your need than build the larger, more costly one.

The last thing you should consider, which is the most important one is the base of your shelter. Depending on the needs and the materials available, you could build several types of shelter:

Debris Hut

This is probably the easiest type of shelter to make and the most efficient one to maintain the heat inside.

This shelter is made by a rough tripod shape of long pole sticks supported by low tree limbs.

The base then added a ribbing effect with a large pole stick in the center.

Smaller sticks then laced through the ribs as the container for insulated materials like leaves, grass and other materials to be piled on top without falling.

Once the insulated materials has been added, lace more sticks to pack it down. And there go your debris hut.

Tree-Pit Snow Shelter

Tree-Pit Snow ShelterThis kind of shelter is specially designed for cold area with heavy snowfall. The shelter is build around the base of a tall, evergreen tree with plenty of branches for overhead cover.

Then you just need to dig deep into the snow until you have reached the ground, creating a pit.

You have to make sure that you add more structural support around the pit so that the walls around won’t fall off.

Desert Shelter

A desert is the most difficult place to adapt with. During the day, the temperature could be unbearably hot, while at night, it will feel like the air is freezing cold.

If you want to build a shelter in areas like these, you should pick a location where you are protected with shades of a rock or a tree. Then you can start digging a channel around 2-3 feet deep into the ground to match the length of your body.

This is because deeper layer of sands could be cooler than the layer on the surface. Collect the debris around and put them across the top of the shelter, they will keep you from both the cold of the night and the blazing heat of the day.

All of these skills are something which could help you to survive in case you are deserted on some places you don’t even know yet.

But the next thing you would want to do is learn how to survive using the old ways which requires no electricity nor sophisticated technology.

You can get all the knowledge from a book called The Lost Ways. This book is about how to survive in the nature using the skills, environment, and natural food processing which could last even months without being kept in a chiller.

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During his time of researching, he has been practising and thus he is able to collect the important survival methods, simplifying and readjust them with our current technology and science, then made a compilation of them.

This book will teach you how to properly service in the nature and the elements you should have considered with you.

This book is meant to be easy to understand, compelling and full of insights that would help anyone to grasp the essence of surviving and add them to their life skills.

Rather than just building a shelter, you will be able to survive for months just from the elements of nature. All the skills written in this book are once practised by our ancestors.

They are lost as the technology emerges, and now they are discovered by years of research and experiment.

It is proven by our presence today which means that they succeed to survive with this skill.

Complete your shelter building ability with the proper survival skills and you will be able to love anywhere you want!
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