The Lost Ways Review – THE HONEST TRUTH

Modern life, as we know it today, is miles away now from being simple.

In fact, modern life can be a little bit rubbish for the lack of better term. We have been so dependent on things that we barely use just for the sake of “surviving” our daily lives.

Is it about time for us to step back from the life of modernity and go back to things that our ancestors had been doing to survive a fruitful life far from the sugar-coated barrenness that we have?

Most of us think that our modern life is easier compared from the lives lived by our predecessors.

We have an internet connection, cell phones, electricity, car, and even the supply of food that we think are unlimited and endless for our daily consumption.

But the truth is, we can no longer gauge how far we will all go without these things once these become unavailable. And let us accept it that our assumptions that all of these will last forever are wrong.

The Lost Ways In a Nutshell

Worst comes to worst, environmental catastrophe as well as economic crisis are never far from being a reality.

And can you think of how you can feed yourself much more of your loved ones during these trying and challenging times?

Truth hurts but most of us would probably answer no to this question.

Fortunately, the book called The Lost Ways is here to the rescue.

The book avows to be an ultimate resource that will give all helpful tips straight from the tried and tested techniques for survival derived from our ancestors.

The Lost Ways is a 375-page book armed with all of the ancient survival tips and techniques derived from our ancestors.

These techniques were used by ancestors to thrive and survive in the toughest and harshest of conditions.

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The Author Behind The Lost Ways

Claude Daivs's The Lost WaysThe Lost Ways is written by Claude Davis who is popularly known from AskAPrepper.

Claude Davis takes pride with his 30 years of experience as a survival expert.

One of the dilemmas that Claude Davis address with the book is the big and obvious disconnect that the modern life poses against our forefathers.

Hence, this survival book serves as a guidance for us to be back on track.

And through this book, he wishes that readers will be able to get all of the necessary techniques and apply it to unfortunate events that are obviously inevitable.

How Will You Benefit From This Book

Practicality, per se, in the modern times connotes something else.

But with The Lost Ways by Claude Davis, provide different information per chapter addressing primarily ways on how to take care of yourself as well as your family from both man-made crises as well as natural calamities.

Since the book has plenty of pages that tackle many concerns, we are just going to discuss some of the major things that are beneficial for us and would be a primal concern.

Poultice – Calamities will surely pose threat to our health and well-being. Hence, the book provides ways on how medicinal herbs can be used in making pastes in healing wounds to do away infections.

Shelter – Shelter is a primal need for survival. The Lost Ways teaches its readers on how to make sturdy and large underground houses just like what our ancestors made.

More so, such shelter can accommodate as big as five families.

Hunting – Ancient living would always include this topic. Since food is derived from animals, hunting is discussed also in the book.

It provides information especially in making animals traps and how to hunt them.

Cooking – Human as we are, we cannot survive without food. Thus, The Lost Ways survival book will equip its readers information in building traditional smokehouses.

More so, ways on smoking fish and meat will also be discussed.

Apart from that, information regarding how to make survival bark bread, other alcohol, and even beer will be provided.

Food – This book will also discuss how one will be able to prepare superfoods that are nutritionally dense. Also how food can be prepared in order to last even up to a year without refrigeration.

Water – Of course, this cannot be scrapped out from the topics that must be discussed. Environmental crisis and drought might pose a great threat to human, especially to a clean water supply.

Hence, The Lost Ways will supply ways on the effective and safe preservation and collection of water.

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Pros & Cons

Just like everything else, The Lost Ways survival book has pros and cons that we cannot do away.

Let us start first with the pros that we can derive from the book..

To start with, The Lost Ways can be used by anyone not just in time for crises but also for those people who would like to be self-sufficient.

It is very helpful too for people who would like to save money on their medication, utility bills, as well as food.

In addition, this book is pretty much the most credible and comprehensive survival book made available.

It comes in both printed and digital versions so you can get whichever works best for you.

The Lost Ways Guide Book

On the other hand, there are also cons that are noticeable with this survival book..

One of the challenges that you might notice first hand is the unavailability of audio or video tutorials.

As we have mentioned before, the book is composed of 375 pages. So reading it might be a little bit of a boring task to do.

Furthermore, all of the tips and techniques that will be taught in the book require follow through and commitment.

It means that one must put it into practice to learn and master the tips.

Thus, commitment is very important in reading the book.


After looking The Lost Ways from different angles, we can pretty much say that it is indeed an informative and comprehensive book that can offer survival guides.

Aside from that, it helps greatly in allowing one to be self-sufficient.

After all, we live in a time that is unpredictable and we must keep ourselves ready for the unpredictable things that can happen.
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